Focus on the small things you do for/to her
Small drop, big effect

If, as I suggested yesterday, it is the little things in life that add up to happiness on unhappiness, maybe you need to refocus what you do and do not do for your bride.

I am not suggesting the big things are unimportant, but it seems likely you can have a big impact with very little effort or cost by doing many little things. Those regular hugs, small gifts, a short walk, a quick chore, or a few kind words will do a great deal to bless her. Focus on her love language for the best effect. (If you don’t know about love languages, I strongly recommend The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary D. Chapman. Also available for Kindle.)

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3 Comments on “Focus on the small things you do for/to her

  1. +1 on the importance of the little things faithfully done and for “The 5 Love Languages”. It is one of the top 5 books apart from scripture that has had a significant impact on our marriage.

  2. My dh started being generous to me in many, many small ways and it has truly changed me and our relationship. Our sex life is amazing now and my love for him is even deeper and more fulfilling than ever I thought imaginable. It really has not been anything monumental…it has been an abundance of small things said and done over time that were generous and unselfish. It MAKES me love him more and more each day! I didn’t think it was possible after all these years!

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