A healthy man is a better husband

Deer Blind | © Odalaigh http://www.everystockphoto.com/photographer.php?photographer_id=29495You may have noticed some of my recent posts are not much about being a husband – generous or otherwise. Being able to love, give, and sacrifice requires being emotionally, mental, spiritually, and physically healthy; if you are lacking in any of these areas you cannot possibly be the man you should be for your bride. This means being a good husband requires you to spend some time on being healthy and happy. In other words, take care of yourself so you can take care of her; love yourself, so you can love her.

This is not an excuse to be selfish, but it is encouragement to make some time for things that build you up, make you feel good about yourself, and help you relax and recharge. Some of those things should include your bride, but not all of them must.

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2 Comments on “A healthy man is a better husband

  1. How do I, as a wife, convince my husband that the things that make him happy and relaxed are harmful to his family as he only does these things and ignores us? I love me a good video game and my time on facebook like anyone else, but he only plays his games and complains that nothing ever gets finished. What should I do? I can’t do it all.

    • Anna- I would not say anything about the things he is doing, as they are not really the problem. Let him know what you need, and let him figure out he needs to do less of something to make that happen.

      Sharing a need is better than seeming to be attacking what he is doing.

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