We’ve been lied to (take 2)

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This post title escaped a week early due to an error on my part. Have you been wondering what I think we’ve been lied to about? Am I going to go on a political rant? Have I gone over to the conspiracy side? Could it be global warming, rock music, fluoride in drinking water (showing my age) or West Nile virus (so not missing living in Texas)? I think we’ve been lied to about many things, by many people, but since I’m all about marriage that is where I am going with this.

First, a few words about truth:

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” [John 8:32 KJV]

Those words of Jesus are so famous, even though many have no idea the context of the words. Those words are inscribed above the doors of schools and courthouses around the USofA. We are big on truth, or at least on what we say the truth is; which comes from what we want the truth to be. I agree the truth does often set us free, but it can also be a burden. If you know but cannot live the truth, or know you will suffer if you try to live truth, then truth may not seem so freeing. If the truth gets between you and what you want to do, the truth is annoying. If what you hold to be truth is, in fact, not truth, or not fully true, then it is a trap that can hold you back, keep you down, or send you where you should not be. If your “truth” is at odds with the “truth” of a friend (or your spouse) the truth may cause tension and problems. If you and a friend (or your spouse) agree on something untrue, your finding the truth might threaten your friendship (or marriage).

In a way, I say this as a warning: seeking truth can upset your life. Do not start out on a search for the truth about anything without understanding the potential cost. Do not start if you are not prepared to follow truth to its core and live what you learn. If the truth about marriage requires you to make a massive change in your life, are you ready to change? If the truth about sex means you need to repent and turn from something, are you going to do so? If the truth means your bride is wrong, are you going to find a loving way to share the truth with her so she can choose to follow the truth, or not follow the truth?

If you really want to take a risk, share this post with your bride and agree to both read what follows over the next few days and to pray individually and together about what I say. Do not agree to take what I say as truth (I know I do not have it all figured out), but rather to use it as a starting place for finding truth.

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Image Credit: © Atlanthida | Dreamstime.com

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