It’s the thought that counts works for acts of service too.

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We are in the midst of construction here, turning a bedroom into an office so we can get out of the basement. The walls needed work, and paint, I need to do wiring to get a separate breaker for the computers, and put up shelving in the closet. Now we are working on the built-in standing desks. On top of this, we have a few bits left on the bedroom put in the basement recently. In short, the house is a bit of a construction zone.

A couple of days ago my bride expressed her frustration with the mess. It was not a complaint, nor was it a request for me to do anything; visual clutter gets to her, and I understand that. She, for her part, understands the reality of construction. She talked and felt better, and if that had been the end of it, it would have been okay with her.

Thing is, I love her, and I want to do everything I can to bless her and to make her feel better. So, I spent no more than half an hour straightening up. I focused on removing, or at least reducing, the clutter in areas she sees all the time. Some of it was real clean up, but much of it was the equivalent of pushing your toys under the bed when asked to clean up your room. It was not much, but you know what, the thought behind what I did really touched her.

It seems the thought can count for a lot with acts of service. Of course, things are still a mess in a week it will take more than the thought to make her feel better.

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