The Losada Line in the bedroom

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Yesterday in The Losada Line in Marriage I talked about the importance of three positives for every negative. While I am not aware of any research looking at the Losada Line in sexual relationships, there is no reason to think it does not apply. This would mean keeping a couple’s sex live healthy and happy requires three “good” for every “bad” in terms of sex. That could look like:

  • Not being told “no” more than one time in four.
  • The woman having an orgasm at least three times in four.
  • Doing something for your spouse you don’t really enjoy would happen no more than once ever forth time.

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2 Comments on “The Losada Line in the bedroom

  1. So can you deduce from this Losada Line, that couples need to be atleast 75% compatible. Meaning more alike than not?

    • Brandon – I think that is outside what Losada was studying, but I suspect you are more or less correct. I don’t know what that percentage would be, and I think it’s far more importnat in some areas than in others. If a couple agree on 90% but disagree on a couple of major, deal breaker items, that’s not going to work well.

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