Fall into a better marriage

The kids are back in school, Labor Day has passed in the USofA, garden produce is ready to harvest, hunting season is approaching, and the NFL regular season starts this week. So, while fall officially starts on September 22nd, most of us are already moving into our fall routines. 

A couple kissing in fall leaves © Chris Schmid | Dreamstime.com

Have you made a place for your marriage this fall? Have you made time to keep it healthy, and time to grow it?

  • Make time for dates.
  • Commit to talking – just talking – several times a week.
  • Look for a marriage class to attend together.
  • Look for a marriage retreat (and help work out the details to make it happen).
  • Read a marriage book together (see right column for some great books).
  • Make time for regular sex.
  • Find a couple with a strong marriage and spend time with them regularly.

As with everything in life, you must intentionally work on your marriage to keep it healthy, and work even more to make it better. You are both worth it – make your marriage stronger!

Note: I know I have a number of readers in South Africa, Australia, and other places where spring is just around the corner – same advice, just a different season.

Image Credit: © Chris Schmid | Dreamstime.com

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