God is my co-pilot

Have you seen the bumper sticker proclaiming “God is my co-pilot”?

merriam-webster.com defines co-pilot as:

a qualified pilot who assists or relieves the pilot but is not in command

Cockpit © Thomas Ramage | Dreamstime.com
“You can sit over there, but don’t touch anything!”

I think that is how many of us think of God – He’s there to assist us, but He is NOT in command. He is not in control; we are in control. We like Him, we think He has some good ideas, and we say we trust Him, but our actions say “trust but verify”.

The thing about God is He will let us be in control, if it is what we want. Even though He knows it will end badly for us, He will let us. Even though He knows it will hurt us, and our spouse, and our marriage, He will let you be in control. It is the one control fight you can “win”, and the one you really need to “lose.”

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Image Credit: © Thomas Ramage | Dreamstime.com

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