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It has been awhile since I’ve mentioned we are donation sponsored. What, you might ask, does that mean? What is the effect of donations?

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The short answer is it allows us to do more marriage ministry. If we punched a clock, our weekly time spent on all things marriage ministry would run 30 to 50 hours. Yes, per week – 52 weeks a year. That is up over the last few years, and the increase is largely due to the fact we have been able to cut back on the day jobs. Cutting back on the day jobs has been possible because of a combination of better budgeting (spending less) and more donations from folks like you.

How have we used the extra time? Since the start of 2011:

  • Better editing and formatting of these posts. (Including fewer spelling errors!)
  • New (13) and updated (28) articles on The Marriage Bed web site.
  • TMB on Twitter. With 12,500 [29,478 9/5/2014] followers and a Klout of 62 [now 67], someone seems to like what we do there.
  • A more active facebook page. We are still working on facebook, but we have a good start.
  • Weekly polls
  • Better response time on emailed questions.

What would more donations mean?

  • More of the above. We’d like to do more new articles and a lot more clean-up of old articles on TMB. The articles on male and female plumbing need a full rewrite, which will be a massive job. We would also like to do more with facebook, and do a better job of getting poll results onto TMB.
  • Books. We want to do “a year of generous tips” books out for both husbands and wives. We have several other books we would like to do, but no time to write them.
  • Possible audio or video resources. Several ideas, but nothing nailed down.
  • More in person speaking. Again, we have ideas, but nothing set in stone. We’ve got some thoughts on doing this in ways that won’t cost as much as the more traditional speaking engagements, and in time it might be self-supporting, but it’s going to take money to get started.

So now you know where it goes, and where it will go if there is more. You also have better information for praying for us.

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