How is your Spiritual life’s R factor?

I’m going to finish torturing the heating and insulation metaphor today with the danger of being spiritually cold.

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Most of us understand the importance of our spiritual lives. However, accepting the importance and actually doing things to benefit this area are two different things. Because the spiritual is unseen, it is easy to ignore it, or put it so far down the list of priorities we rarely get to it.

Beyond the personal need, and more relevant to this blog, is the need to have a “shared walk” with your spouse. If it is important to/for you, it is important to/for your marriage, and this is certainly true for your walk with the Lord. So, here are some ideas for keeping your spiritual walk warm:

  • Do a Bible study together. My bride has a great post on this today.
  • Set aside a time each week, or a couple of times each week, to discuss how you and your bride are doing spiritually.
  • Share with your wife what you are praying about, and what you would like her to be praying for you. Encourage her to do the same.
  • At least once a year, get along together, talk, and pray about the last year and what you would like to see for the next year. (Your anniversary is a great time to do this.)
  • Attend church together, and then discuss the message/lesson/sermon.
  • Look for retreats to go to as a couple or individually. If she wants to go to a women’s retreat, do everything you can to make it possible.

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