Sharing the good stuff makes it even better

Sharing positive experiences with your spouse will make you happier, especially if your spouse gives you a good response to what you share.

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This is not just conjecture; there are supporting it. Nathaniel M. Lambert, Ph.D. decided to dig into the correlations several studies found between sharing good experiences and feeling good. He designed a series of studies to determine if there was any cause and effect, and if so which way it went. Full details can be found in his paper A boost of positive effect: The perks of sharing positive and grateful experiences (DOC download), here are the highlights:

  • “Sharing a positive experience caused an increase in positive emotion” and “sharing positive news caused more positive emotion than simply thinking about the positive news.”
  • Those “who had shared their grateful experiences with a partner reported significantly more positive effect, satisfaction with life, and more happiness” than control groups.
  • How a “relationship partner” (mostly dating in the study) reacts to a good experience can increase or decrees positive emotion resulting from sharing the experience.

The bottom lines:

  • Sharing with your bride the good things that happen to you will make you feel even happier.
  • When your bride shares with you good things that have happened to her, you can increase her happiness by responding enthusiastically.

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Blog Challenge: Starting October 1st, I will be participating in the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association’s 13-day blog challenge. Given I blog daily, this is not actually a challenge for me, but I will be adding my posts to the official list, which is likely to increase comments on my blog. I will also be doing more commenting on the blogs of those participating. The real news here is that there should be many great marriage posts the first half of October!

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