1 Couple vacation a year

I have mentioned the importance of a couple’s vacation before – and will do so again.

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I know you have a long list of reasons you cannot possibly do it. I can only counter with this – it is very good for your marriage. You need a chance to get away together and be a couple. You need to do this away from friends, and you especially need to do it away from family – including children. Getting away together lets you remember how things use to be, and can help you put some of what you have lost back into your marriage when you return from vacation. A low stress, non-busy vacation will greatly reduce your stress level, which is good for your marriage. A vacation gives you a chance to clear the air, and to dream about the future. A vacation also allows you to do things together and build shared experiences.

Find a way to get a couple vacation each year. Talk friends and family into taking the kids. Go somewhere you can drive. Get a low-cost motel. Pack your meals. Give something up so you can save the necessary money. Do.Whatever.It.Takes.  

Half Marathon LogoSince I already blog daily, the 13 day CMBA half marathon is not a challenge. So, since I like a challenge, and I am generally crazy, I’ve set this goal for myself for the next 13 days:

1 Couple vacation a year
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14 Comments on “1 Couple vacation a year

  1. When you say vacation, how long are you talking about. Overnight, a weekend or longer?

    • Rob,

      I’d say more is better, but whatever you can manage is good.

      I’ve also seen research that suggests a two or three days is about as good as a week, so anything beyond overnight it probably very good.

  2. Love it!! I’ve got three favorite getaways that we work into every year…

    FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember
    The Art of Marriage
    Love Like You Mean It Cruise

    All three of these will put fuel in your tank!! Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts!!

  3. Whoo! I can testify to that! My husband and I have already declared that a vacation away from everyone is on the books for us next year! I am starting to feel like maybe we need 2 vacations lol:)

  4. I love your list of ideas. I agree with J, 11 is intriguing! #1 is something we hold as very important and make sure that we get two weekends away a year and then every couple of years a week away (while the kids are young)-when they get older-hmm, maybe a week every year! :) Can’t wait to read the rest!

  5. This is such a wonderful idea and one that my husband and I find very appealing (especially since we’re living with his parents now due to financial pressures). We’ve been saving up for months to go visit my family out West for Thanksgiving. We’re both able to take an entire week off to spend with family… but while we’re there, my grandparents offered us a weekend at their cabin in the mountains (an hour’s drive away) plus their extra car to borrow so we could get 2-3 days alone. Now I mentioned it to a friend who thought it sounded silly that we’re taking a vacation from my family while on vacation to see them, but I thought it was an incredibly generous gift from my grandparents and a wonderful idea! We’re looking forward to the fellowship but also some time for “just us.”

    Looking forward to reading more of your challenges.

  6. Absolutely do whatever it takes to make this happen. It has been so important to our marriage.

    Oh and when you get to a stage where you can do it, pay it forward and offer to watch someone else’s kids and/or pets so they can get away alone together.

  7. We have tried to do this once a year, twice in good years, since our children were born. One year we left our 5-year-old and baby with my husband’s parents and stayed in a bed and breakfast in the city where they live. I remember driving out to their house and surreptitiously (so the 5-year-old wouldn’t see us) dropping off bottles of breast milk!

  8. Oh goodness, a vacation…..we haven’t done that in YEARS! It’s just too expensive. But while it would be amazing to go somewhere, maybe travel around a bit – and hopefully we’ll be able to do that relatively soon! – we don’t have any kids, and we live in a quiet apartment that is right next to a river and surrounded by various parks, so we don’t really need to get away to have quality time together. But, we do dream of places we want to visit! Someday, when we’re caught up on bills and have a little change saved up!

    • Jenny – Sounds like you have a mini vacation right outside your door any time you want it.

      When we lived in the county we had the same – walk up the hill and you are away, away from everything and everyone. You could get that “vacation feeling” by walking fifteen minutes into the wilderness together.

      • Yes, we do that. :) The other day we walked the mile down to park area next to the river, and we both laid down on our backs and looked up at the sky and the leaves. It’s very relaxing, and we can just leave our cares behind and focus only on the breeze, the light and shadows, and laugh at the funny antics of the animals that happen to be nearby.

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