2 Dates a Month

How long has it been since you had a date with your bride?

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A lot of folks advocate a date night, as in weekly. If you can do that, great, but for many cost (including babysitting) and time make weekly difficult. So, while more is better, twice a month is enough to get the necessary effect.

My bride and I go into town for “provisions” every-other week. We tack our date onto shopping day, saving us money on gas and saving drive time. Some cannot mix a date with shopping (and some couples should not shop together period!), so do what works for you.

There are a number of ways of making dates less expensive:

  • Swap babysitting with another couple – they get your kids every other week, you get theirs the other half the time. (Once in a while do it on a Friday and keep the kids overnight.)
  • Use loyalty cards. Lori and I eat primarily at two places, each of which allows us to earn free meals. Likewise for movies, get a loyalty card and use it.
  • Use coupons whenever possible. Many of the big chains do coupons by email (along with ads, of course).
  • If you can swing half a weekday off, you can save by eating lunch instead of dinner, and getting lower prices for movies and other admissions.
  • Do your dates at home, and save for a nice evening out when you have enough.

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Image Credit: © Mihai Blanaru | Dreamstime.com

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8 Comments on “2 Dates a Month

  1. I would love vacations and date nights, but hubby isn’t usually game unless the kids can come (vacations) or we are double dating with another couple. We have great fun alone, but it rarely happens. My friend deliberately disallowed our children to come to her daughter’s wedding so hubby couldn’t bring them and we could be together without them! Lol! I can’t complain, really….our kids are generally well behaved and to have a husband so loving and dedicated towards them is a rare gem.

  2. Great tips! I recently talked to my friend about possibly swapping kids and doing date nights. I need to initiate that.

  3. We do a weekly date night since living with the in-laws. Usually, every other week we go out to eat together, and every other week we stay in and do something special, or we go for a walk together around the neighborhood, hold hands, and talk. Because of our work schedules, we both usually get 1-2 weekdays off, so that makes going out for lunches easy. I think it’s a really special tradition, one I hope to continue well into the latter years of our marriage.

  4. Love it, Paul! Simple and yet effective. Some people need fancier logs to fuel their fire, others simpler — what’s important is that love grows brighter and deeper because the husband and wife have not neglected to do what it takes to feed it. You and Lori are GREAT examples to all. We appreciate you both!

  5. I guess it depends on what you would consider a real date. My husband and I spend a few hours together every day just bonding – talking, laughing, etc. We do go grocery shopping together, which is something we enjoy. And we go to the park often, in nice weather. But as far as eating out – that’s rare! And we haven’t been to a movie theater in years. I think we probably think of eating at a restaurant as a special date, something different and romantic, even if it’s not a fancy restaurant. The other things, they probably could be considered “dates,” but it’s just something we try to do as often as possible because it really draws us closer, and makes our marriage happier, healthier, and more intimate. So we probably wouldn’t call those dates, per se – we’d probably just call those things “quality time.” Which I suppose is the most important part of a date. :)

    • Jenny – It sounds like you are living a connected life, and don’t need the intentional connection that dates provide. I get that, we have done the same over long periods of time in the past.

      If a couple has and takes the time to connect daily, dates are more about fun and special. Without that daily connection, dates are a vital point of contact.

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