6 Best Sex Positions

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This is based on the survey I mentioned last week, which has more than 250 female respondents. The results there line up well with what we have heard for years, so I have a good deal of faith in them. I should clarify this is representative of women who enjoy sex, and the common negative thinking that limits women sexually will affect how some women see certain positions. The people who answered this survey have tried more positions than many folks, and tend to use a fair number of positions; a quarter use three regularly, while 18% use four, 13% use five, and 17% use six or more positions regularly. I see this as evidence of a sex-positive outlook among most who answered.

So, the best positions, according to these ladies?

  1. Missionary was number one. Much maligned, but very popular with women, even those who have tried and like many other positions. Aside from the face-to-face contact, this is one of the few positions able to provide good clitoral stimulation from just the action of intercourse. Additionally, many women like hubby being active/aggressive sexually. In ratings, 53% said it is great, and 34% good, for a total of 87% liking. Less than 1% did not like it
  2. Woman on top was the runner up for women (and the winner for men). This is probably the position most likely to result in orgasm for a woman because it gives the best possible direct stimulation of the clitoris, and because she can control the movements. Her husband’s hands are free to help by touching her breasts, grabbing her hips and helping her move, or whatever else works for her. Half of women said being on top was great, and over a quarter said it was good, for a total of 76% liking it. However, one woman in twenty did not like being on top. Other surveys have found body image is a common reason women do not want to be on top, but it’s also more work for them, which can be a factor.
  3. To the surprise and delight of many men, rear entry kneeling (aka doggie) was a solid third for women. Some women like the way their guy moves and enjoys this position. Some women have G-spot orgasms from rear entry, and some add self-stimulation to his thrusting to have a great blended orgasm. As to ranking, 38% of the women who had tried doggie said it was great, and 28% said it was good, for a total of 64% liking. The 12% dislike was higher than for the other two favourites, so some women really do not like it.
    Variations: Rear entry standing was far less liked by women (only 47% said good or great), but was strongly liked by men. So be aware, it you do it standing, it is probably for you, not her (which is fine on occasion, if she wants to). In the “other” notes, several women mentioned rear entry with her lying flat as very good.
  4. Face-to-face seated had been tried by eight women in ten, and got high marks (fourth place) by those who had done it. As with missionary, this is a face-to-face position, which many women find important. This position allows kissing better than most, and leaves the man’s hands free to touch most of her body, including stimulating her clitoris if she leans back a bit. The woman has most of the motion control, and being on top gives her good clitoral stimulation so this is a very good position for her to climax. This also tends to be a slow and relaxed position, which many women like. Finally being seated slows many men down (and makes climax all but impossible for a few) which is an advantage if she needs a while to get there. In the ratings, 30% who have done it said it was great, and 37% said it’s good, for 67% liking it. Only 8% who have tried it do not like it. If she likes this and you do not (17% of men dislike it, and only 51% said it was good or great) do it until she climaxes, then switch to another position (like standing rear entry) for your finish.
  5. Half turned position © Paul H. ByerlyHalf turned – the woman on her back, and the man laying at a right angle to her body (image right). This looks odd, and takes a bit of thinking to get right, but once you are there, it has some good advantages. Your upper hand can reach her breasts and her genitals. Her clitoris is not blocked by your body, making it easy for either of you to stimulate her by hand or with a vibrator. If a man tends to climax when me moves, but can last while not thrusting, this position is great. This is also a great “look at that” position if you have a small mirror handy. While only 58% of women have tried this one, 28% said it was great, and 36% said it was good – a total of 64% liking it. Dislike was low, only 8% of those who had done it.
  6. Her on her back, him standing. This one was not on the survey, but it had more mentions under “other” than all the rest combined – especially by the women. She lies on her back on the bed, a table, a couch, whatever, with her legs off the edge. He stands or kneels, and enters her. He holds her legs on either side of his body, or she wraps them around his body. This position allows him to thrust strongly, and gives him a great view of their genitals. She can reach her clitoris, as can he if she wraps her legs around him. As with the position above, this one allows her to reach orgasm with him not thrusting at all – a possible solution for the man who has mild premature ejaculation issues.

Note: As of Oct 2014 the survey has had more than 400 women answer. The numbers remain about as above.

Image Credits, in order of appearance: © Higyou | Dreamstime.com & © Paul H. Byerly

14 Comments on “6 Best Sex Positions

  1. I love this post Paul! I loved taking part in the survey too…

    I’m saddened when I hear of couples who will not try anything other than missionary position. So many opportunities to explore each other’s bodies, so little time! Ha!

    Thank you for your diligence and shedding light on sexual topics that are worthy of discussion in marriages!

    • Hm, I find that to be one of the easier ones. Try it on a couch or loveseat. That makes for a cushier place for her knees, and you have something to lean against. You sit up with your back on the back of the couch, and she sits on top of you, on her knees, with one leg on either side of yours. You may need to scooch your butt forward a bit, depending on the couch. Then she just sits on you and….does her thing. It feels super, super good for a woman, and it’s really easy to do. At least in my experience. I’ve never discussed it in detail outside of my marriage before.

      I don’t know if you could do it on a couch/loveseat if there are kids in the house; in that case the bed would work if there’s a headboard. You could try it on a regular chair, like from the kitchen, but we tried it on a chair once and it wasn’t comfortable and it was a bit more difficult to orchestrate.

  2. A small mirror, huh? Thinking about that…

    Paul, you did a great job of explaining these positions and why each would be arousing. It’s also possible to start in one position and end up in another. Some positions may feel very good but simply won’t result in climax like another will.

    Jay Dee–I think the chair you use and your respective heights play a role in how well the seated position works for a couple. Just FYI.

    • I hadn’t thought about using a chair actually, I was thinking both sitting on a bed. Heights are pretty close. I’m just over 6″, she’s just under 5″11.

  3. I have two commenents. They are both about language. 1) To quote a comment on tthe missionary position, “Additionally, many women like hubby being active/aggressive sexually.” I think many women prefer their husband to be assertive (as in control with initiative) vs. the word aggressive which can have negative connotations for many sensitive women. And “Doggie” style needs a better name to gain popularity. I only came to enjoy this position when my husband started to run his amazingly soft hands down the shape of my body and whispered loving words. Otherwise, it leaves room for disconnect for the women.

    • Nina – Assertive is a good word too. Some women, not the majority, do like a bit of aggressiveness.

      I agree doggie is not a great name. I used it, along with rear entry, because most folks know what it means,

  4. I like your name for the half turned position. Hubby and I use it often when one of us is sore from standing all day at work but I wouldn’t have known what to call it!

  5. @Nina Aggressive sounds closer to what I like than assertive does.  Different strokes for different folks!  (No pun intended)

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