8 Acts of Service

Acts of service are always appreciated, but are especially important for a woman whose love language is acts of service. Below are eight general acts, with just a few suggestions of how to live out each. Customise for your life and your wife.

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  1. Close: Close a door, a cabinet, a drawer, or anything else you, she, or the kids have left open.
  2. Move: Carry laundry to where it goes, carry in the groceries, carry anything-halfway heavy even if she could do it.
  3. Fill: The ice trays, the salt shaker, the car’s gas tank.
  4. Clean: Clean up after yourself (novel concept, I know) and after your bride and the kids. Look for two-minute clean-up jobs – things you can do right away.
  5. Herd: The kids, or the pets, or both.
  6. Replace: Light bulbs, the toilet paper, the sliver of soap in the shower.
  7. Cook: Fancy if you can, simple if not. Be sure to follow this with #4.
  8. Repair: Do not let those minor repairs go; deal with them ASAP. Be aware of things she cannot fix due to height, her strength, or her skills, and the things she hates to fix.

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6 Comments on “8 Acts of Service

  1. I know quite a few wives who would be ecstatic (and more amorous) if he’d at least put his dirty clothes IN the hamper. Not next to. Not on top of. Not dangling over the side. IN WITH THE LID BACK ON PROPERLY. Frankly, men, when you don’t clean up after yourselves and just make more work for us, even little things like the hamper issue and your insane inability to clean your whiskers out of the sink, we feel used and disrespected. The whole, “meh, the wife’ll do it, anyway,” isn’t very loving. How would you like it if she jacked up the credit cards bills and said, “meh, hubby can just find another job or work OT to pay it off.”

    • Kate S – I love your analogy with the credit cards, I think it beings home the point very well. Even better would be jacking it up with a lot of very small charges – none is a big deal, but all of them together is a real problem.

      • Yes, a lot of small….

        I overlook the clothes that never make it to the hamper because hubby does so much otherwise around the house. And when he treats me like a queen (especially in bed), I treat him like the king of the world. When you deposit your love I.to your wife, she’ll pay it back with interest!

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