A few words on what our spouse deserves

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I use the word “deserve” often, and I’ve gotten used to being hammered for it. I sometimes get something along the lines of “What we all deserve is to burn in hell for eternity.” I have two problems with that:

  1. It sounds like trying to justify not treating your spouse well, or excusing being treated badly by your spouse. No one has ever actually said, “My wife deserves to burn in hell, so what I’m doing to her is nothing” but I get the feeling some are making that point. I mean why else do your respond to “Your spouse deserves your love” with a rant about what our sins have earned us?
  2. There is a big theological problem with the statement.

I will get back to the first point, but first the second. Before anyone starts in with calling me a hairy tick (heretic) please know I am not arguing about the existence of hell or that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Without Jesus, we are all lost, all doomed, and certainly do deserve the fires of hell. However, I said WITHOUT Jesus. If we have Jesus, our condition is different.

If I owe a huge sum of money, and I can’t pay it, I “deserve” to be taken to court, to lose all I have, to have my wages garnished, and even to be thrown into jail. HOWEVER, if someone pays the debt for me, the debt is gone and I no longer deserve to be taken to court, to lose anything, or to be jailed. I would certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the person who paid what I could not pay, but I would no longer owe the money and no longer deserve what I did when my debt still existed.

My point here is I am more than a sinner saved by grace; I am a new creation. There is now no condemnation for me because I am in Christ Jesus, and I can boldly approach the throne of grace. I no longer deserve the fires of hell! It is not by my actions I no longer deserve that fate, but the fact Jesus secured it for me does not change the fact I now deserve something different. Either I can agree with God about who I am, or I can be stuck in who I was. I choose to agree with God.

Now back to our spouses – if they are in Jesus, they do not deserve hell. If her deserving hell crosses my mind when I am trying to justify my actions, I have a problem. God says I am to love all men, so clearly my spouse deserves my love. I am told to go the extra mile for an enemy, and to give my shirt to anyone who takes my coat; how much more does my spouse deserve me to go way beyond what seems right? If I am to prefer other Christians, to honour and serve and sacrifice for them, does not my spouse deserve at least as much?

Jesus chose to submit to many things He did not deserve, and He said those who truly follow Him will do the same.

Image Credit: © Diman Oshchepkov | Dreamstime.com

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