Practical is another tag found on 10% of my posts. One definition of practical I like is “disposed to action as opposed to speculation or abstraction”.

I am all about learning, knowing, understanding, speculation, and so on, but if we stop there we are of no good whatsoever! In the Bible James tells us faith without works is dead, and in the same way, love without action is dead. You can love as much as you like, but if you do not do things to show love, it is of no use to you or your spouse. You can know your wife better than any man has ever known any woman, but if you do not use what you know to bless her, your marriage will wither.

What action does your wife need from you? What acts of service or time together does she long for? What conversation or affirmation does she need? Is she starved for touch, non-sexual, sexual, or both? What are you doing with and for your bride? How do you show her your love, how do you express your feelings so she knows they are real?

Practical can also mean simple or down to earth. This is taking care of basic needs, be it physical or emotional needs. Be aware of the basics so you will know when something important is not being done – then step in a do it. Don’t get too hung up on whose job something is – if it needs to be done, do it. If it keeps being left undone you can deal with that, but don’t let things go just because someone else is supposed to do it.

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