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Yesterday in My wife puts up with me I discussed the fact we all do annoying things. I also touched on the good that can come out of these annoyances. For example, my bride was not thrilled about the mess sixty pounds of tomatoes I turned into purée (I did clean up pretty well, really) but she certainly has been enjoying the home-made tomato basil soup.

Tomato soup |

My bride often thanks me for some crazy adventure I drag her into – a trip to meet other bloggers, a side trip to some place odd or amazing, or an out-of-the-way store full of strange things. She realises she would never have done these things on her own, and would have missed out. I’m sure there are a few things she wished she had missed out on, but all in all she is glad to have been stretched in the majority of the ways I stretch her. I can say the same – I would never have sought out becoming less messy and more organised, but I am glad she had taken me down those paths (and not always kicking and screaming :mrgreen: ).

What about your marriage? Can you see ways you have benefited from your wife being different? Has she helped you experience things you would have missed that you enjoyed? Has she taught you beneficial skills yyou would not otherwise have learned? If you see any of this, thank her.

Beyond that, look for ways to benefit from her differences, oddities, and annoyances, and help her find ways to benefit from your differences, oddities, and annoyances.

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