One of the world’s foremost experts

Sunday we had lunch with our church guest speaker and his bride. When Lori asked them about their dreams, he suggested they answer for each other. He explained he was one of the world’s foremost experts on his wife, having studied her closely for thirty years.

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So in short, This.Guy.Get’s.It. He has figured out one of the keys to a great marriage. From what I saw, he has also taken the next step – applying what he learns to enable him to be the best possible husband for his unique wife.

Are you a student of your wife? You will never know her completely. Aside from having more facets than you could explore in a lifetime, she is moving target, growing and changing. Becoming the world’s foremost experts on your bride takes a lot of time and study, but the subject is great, the rewards are significant, and the teacher is HOT!

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Image Credit: © Riopatuca |

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2 Comments on “One of the world’s foremost experts

  1. Love it, LOVE IT! “Double thumbs up” (as my kids like to say!)

    Gonna have to add a new title to my resume! “World’s Foremost Expert On My Wife”


  2. +1. A student of your wife. That’s the key. Living in an understand way.

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