Know and Control your Oddities

This is along the lines of “my spouse puts up with me”. We all have little oddities – eccentricities, strange habits, things most people have no problem with that drive us nuts, and so on.

Eccentric man © Scott Griessel |

Keeping these things from harming your marriage requires 1) being aware of them and 2) learning to keep them in check. I’m not saying stop being who you are, but don’t let your odd behaviour become so significant living with you is difficult. This requires a good deal of self-awareness, and plenty of self-control, but it can be done. Be aware odd behaviours and irritations tend to intensify when we are under stress, and be prepared. It is also a good idea to know which of your odd behaviours bother her and which do not – fight the former and go all out on the latter. 

In short, unique is fine, but too unique is no fun for anyone.

Image Source: © Scott Griessel |

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