Is your Cell Phone Hurting your Marriage?

Couple with cell phones © Gabriel Blaj | Dreamstime.comThe article How Your Cell Phone Hurts Your Relationships reports on an interesting study that showed simply having a cell phone visible was enough to reduce the quality of connection when two people talked. In other words, just having your phone on the table means you will not connect with your bride as well as you would if the phone were not there.

I would assume the same would apply for a phone in the bedroom – even if it were on the night table or the dresser. Might it negatively affect sex as well as conversation and general intimacy? I cannot prove it, but I think it is likely to be true.

Cell phones, and especially smart phones, are an incredible tool and they can do a great deal for us, but we are learning they also have a down side. I suggest you make a “no visible phones” rule for your time with your bride, regardless of what you are doing, and a “no phones in the bedroom” rule. You have very little to lose, and potentially a great deal to gain.

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3 Comments on “Is your Cell Phone Hurting your Marriage?

  1. I need to put my phone down more. Thank you for this. Hubby comes home from work, chucks his phone on the hutch and forgets about it, even sometimes forgetting to plug it in. My phone is almost always in my hands.

  2. Even though my hubby had his phone in another room in the evening, the sounds it made to let him know messages were coming in were just too distracting for both of us. Now he mutes it when he comes home. That is a huge improvement. We have never kept our phones in the bedroom.

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