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I’m taking a one day break from my perception and reality series to ask for your help.

I have mentioned before Lori and I are trying to become fully supported by our marriage ministry activities. Currently about 15% of our income is derived from donations and payments for affiliate links. I realise this is more than most marriage bloggers are seeing, but then again we do a good deal more than many.

We reach many people! If everyone who reads The Generous Husband or Wife gave one penny a day, we would have more than we need. If everyone who visited the TMB message boards this year gave one dollar a day, we would have plenty. About 100 people have supported us this last year. (A huge thank you to those folks!) Let me suggest two ways you can help us:

1) Donate. If we could get 800 of you to give $5 a month, or $60 one time for the year, we would be set. Alternatively, 400 at $10 a month or $120 a year. Please pray about it!

2) We have just set up an account with a service that allows us to receive affiliate payments from over 30,000 on-line merchants. You just click a link on our new affiliate links shopping page, and continue shopping as normal. You do not pay any more or do anything else different, and we get a few pennies of what you spend.

A huge thank you for any help you can offer, and for your prayers!

[Note: This post is a couple of years old. The need still exists, but things have gotten much better!]

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