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I enjoy music. I enjoy a lot of music, and I enjoy music a lot. Music affects us deeply; it can change our mood and it can bring back memories in a powerful way. Over the last decade, we have put together a massive Christmas play list, and we enjoy our Yule tunes a great deal each year. 

Christmas Music @ Idea go |

If you don’t have some great Christmas music, why not start collecting this year? If you buy MP3s you can pick and choose the ones you like (listen to the previews). Build a playlist (or several) perfect for your family.

If you are interested in my suggestions:


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4 Comments on “Christmas Music

  1. Ooo! Check this out, then. It’s even free to download (or donate–it’s worth it!).

    Sweet, bluesy Christmas love songs from a very talented married couple, a killer cover of “Little Town”… this is stuff you can listen to over and over.

  2. One of our favorites is from several years back from a Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his original Christmas album is Heavenly.

  3. I must recommend my favorite Christmas album of all time: “Behold the Lamb of God” by Andrew Peterson. It’s a wonderful, warm overview of the Old and New Testaments … and it really brings to life the wonder of the Advent. It’s available here:

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