A friend posted a single word – “why?” on facebook when the news broke about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

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Why? That’s what we want to know, isn’t it? Why do bad things happen? Why would someone do this? How can we stop it?

I don’t have good answers for those questions, and I don’t think anyone else does either. It is natural to feel a need to do “something” but apart from thought and reason the “do something” impulse usually causes more harm than good. I pray we as a people will act rather than react.

I can say the so-called rise of mass killings correlates well with changes in how our society feels about God, and it seems to me the only “solution” is found in showing others there is great wisdom in following Christ. That does not mean yelling at people who don’t follow Christ, or blaming them, or passing laws to make them act differently. We are called to be a witness. We are called to be a light in the darkness.

I realise being a light does not feel as good as blaming someone, or some group. I realise it does not feel as useful at signing a petition demanding our elected leaders change laws. However, being salt and light is ultimately the only thing that can change the horror we see around us. If each person who calls Jesus Lord would touch and change the life of just one person, imagine what would happen.

So stand fast in love. Be ready to show compassion to those who need it, and to comfort those who need comfort. Find ways to show the love of Christ daily, and be ready to do more if the occasion arises. You are not one small light in a huge darkness, you are one of many many lights.

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Image Credits: © nuchylee | freedigitalphotos.net

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4 Comments on “Why?

  1. Paul, I think you addressed a complex issue with a great amount of wisdom. The best weapon we have is Jesus and His life among men. Thanks you for this insight!

    Our hearts and prayer go out to the families who suffered such a loss.

  2. Horrible things happen because God gives every man and woman free will. We experience (know) evil because of Adam and Eve’s original sin. (Genesis 3:2) But God, in His great mercy, can redeem all things.
    That said, my heart aches for the parents who lost their precious babies on Friday. I cannot even imagine the depth of their pain right now. But, in all things, God is good. All the time. That is our hope in this world.

  3. Amen, Paul. This is exactly what I’ve been telling people this week. It’s not that hard to be warm and humane. It takes a little more courage to seek out those who seem to be social outcasts and engage. But, I think to truly be a light, we need to make the extra effort to connect with those who have a hard time connecting. Jesus came for the outcasts.

  4. Very well said, Paul. That is what I try to remind myself and others all the time. It is the very reason that we have a “man?” for president like we have. And of course it will get worse as we as a nation reject God more! We don’t have to say “I told you so”; the prophets have been telling us this for about 6,000 years!

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