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Okay gents, if you need to Christmas shop for your wife (or anyone else) time is getting short. If you are shopping on-line check before you buy. Amazon and many other big on-line merchants are saying order a few days out you can get it for Christmas, and most will do it even later than that if you pay way too much for shipping. (If you are going to shop on-line, please start here so I get a bit of it). If you will be doing brick and mortar shopping, you really, really should get it done before the weekend, when it will become totally crazy. Besides, your bride could probably use your help this weekend, and it would be good for your kids to spend some time with you.

31 Days to Great Sex © Sheila Wray Gregoire

If you want an easy gift, check out the eBook 31 Days to Great Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire. I initially did not mention the book here because I wrongly thought it was just for the ladies. Turns out it is a book for couples, designed to help the two of you have a better sex life. Sheila says this about it: “The first few days are devoted to seeing sex in a positive way, and talking through your baggage and insecurities. Then we spend a few days on building emotional intimacy in the bedroom (your friendship) by doing things like flirting, playing, and laughing; a few days on building physical intimacy (the fireworks, making sex feel wonderful!); a few days on spiritual intimacy (the oneness), and a few days putting habits in place so that you can keep the momentum going once you’re done.

Seeing how January has 31 days, why not get the book and go through it in January? Maybe Valentine’s Day will be a lot more fun because of it!

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