The 2013 Awesome Husband Project

Would you like 2013 to be the year you become an awesome husband? Why don’t you decide right now that is exactly what is going to happen?

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Are you thinking, “it’s not that easy”? Actually, it is. Yes, making it happen will take time and hard work, but it will happen if you decide to make it happen, and it will not happen if you do not decide to make it happen. The only thing standing in your way of being a great husband is you. Your life situation and lack of time will not stop you. Your finances and health cannot stop you. Even your past sins and what your wife thinks of you will not stop you. Fear of any of those things may keep you from doing it, or cause you to try half-heartedly, or start and then give up, but those things cannot stop you.

By the way, I am not going to make you an awesome husband – because I cannot. The best I can do it coach you towards being a great husband. I can help you find where you fall short, and help find what will make you awesome to your, unique bride. I can make it easier, but you have to decide to do the work.

More on this coming…

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