The end of the world… NOT!

This post is set to publish 1 hour and 59 minutes before the end of the world as supposedly predicted by the Mayans, so if you are reading this, the odds are we dodged the bullet.

Of all the dooms day claims around, the Mayan one was one of the silliest and easiest to disprove. What’s sad is there are so many crazy claims out there these days. Doomsday scenarios, conspiracy theories, stories that turn out to be made up, lies repeated so often some start to believe them, and so many things that defy logic, scientific reality, and common sense. What is most sad, to me, is so many who call Jesus Lord are guilty of sharing these things.

What does all of this have to do with marriage? Distraction. We have limited time and attention, and when we focus on things untrue or irrelevant we are not focusing on what is true and important. This is true for all aspects of our lives, including our marriages. When we spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what our spouse “might” do, or “might be doing” behind our back, or what they “may have done” in the past we are distracted from the good things they are doing. When we look for bad in our spouse, we will miss the good they do. This harms our relationship, and might contribute to a marital doomsday!

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5 Comments on “The end of the world… NOT!

  1. This is so worth repeating. “When we look for bad in our spouse, we will miss the good they do.” It is so easy to get caught in this trap. Letting memories of something done wrong in the past blind us to what is being done right in the present. Letting the fear of bad possibilities block the good possibilities. We need to focus on what is happening right now in front of us.

  2. Seriously, what kind of mental disconnect does it take to stock up survival supplies to prepare for the end of the world?

    The logical response would be to squander your wealth with dissipation – wine, women, and song.

    OR, the better logical response: To look eagerly to the day of the Lord’s return.

    • Ol’ Will – I know folks who supposedly follow the Lord who are all about going off the grid, storing food, and otherwise being ready to survive when civilisation falls. They also have guns and a lot of ammo so they can protect “their stuff” when the hoards of “those who are unprepared” come to take it.

      Where in the Bible are we told to kill those who come to us for food? I’m pretty sure that results in “Depart from me, I never knew you”.

      I just don’t get it.

      • Yeah, I think they take it from the 5 foolish virgins who didn’t have the oil needed, so the smart virgins refused to give their oil, but they didn’t kill them!

        How about a blog post on “emergency preparedness” for marital apocalypses.

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