Last minute gifts

Time is short! Do you still need another gift for your wife? Coupons to the rescue!

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From TMB – Word docs you can fill in and print out, or PDFs you can print and write on.
From Hot, Holy and Humorous – PDF Love & Sex Coupons for Christmas
From Sheila of to Love Honor and Vacuum – There is a small charge for these Love Coupons/Notes, but they are a bit fancier.

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Featured Post – A must read article I saw this week:
Redeeming Marriages posted What Behavior Did You Inherit? ◄ “Inherited behaviour” can make or break a marriage. Do you have things you need to deal with?


Black and Married with Kids

5 Questions to Determine If You Are Married To Your Work ◄ A good check-list.

The Generous Wife

The Fantasy Fallacy ◄ A review of a very good but challenging book.

Journey to Surrender

Being Salt and Light With Your Marriage (Part 3) ◄ What are you doing to help other’s marriages?

Marriage Life

How to Help Your Marriage Survive the Holidays ◄ Plan now to avoid the problems.

Mystery 32

6 Things I Have Learned in 6 Christmases ◄ Blending Christmas traditions takes a lot of work!

One Flesh Marriage

Sex Will Fix It ◄ Ever felt this was the answer to anything?
Seesaw With Jesus ◄ Sounds fair, but never works out.

Redeeming Marriages with Jack and Janet

See Featured Post above

refine us

The Gift of Remembering ◄ Take some time to remember together.

The Respected Husband

When a Wife Leaves an Argument ◄ It does not mean what it means when a man leaves.

Safe at home

The Best Christmas Gifts You Could Give Your Family This Year ◄ This is a fantastic post!!

Stupendous Marriage

Stupendous Marriage Show 70: Merry Christmas! ◄ Catch the last podcast of 2012

…to Love Honor and Vacuum

T-shirts vs. Sheets: The Control Freak Rises Again ◄ Men can be control freaks too! If you are, please read this.

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