Have yourself a retching little Christmas

So yesterday, we did the traditional afternoon movie (seeing more crowds than we used to) and then had the traditional chicken tortilla soup with the man-child. Then we went to a Christmas Eve candle lighting service (loved the not yet 3-year-old boy at his second such service in 24 hours who kept saying “I want fire” in that little boy voice everyone hears), and headed home for a quiet evening. All was as planned – until my stomach started to protest. I spent the night in a lot of pain, repeatedly throwing up and doing other things I shall not mention here. Finally napped a bit, fitfully, after 7 AM.

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I encouraged Lori and our son to enjoy the orange cinnamon rolls – a new family tradition I shall join in next year. I managed to crawl out of bed so we could open our few simple gifts (minus the traditional eggnog, not a good plan) then went back to bed. When I woke up late afternoon, Lori and I watched the Extended Edition The Fellowship of the Ring, part of Lord of the Rings trilogy, as sitting was about all the exertion I could manage. My feasting was limited to ginger ale and a very small bowl of yogurt.

Not the Christmas I would have wanted, but you know what, it really wasn’t so bad (other than the pain and throwing up). I was able to focus on Jesus, spend time with my church family, and be with part of my closest family. Those are the important things, and no amount of feasting, partying, expensive gifts, or travel mean anything without what I did have. When I stepped back to look at it, I realised I am indeed blessed.

My prayer for you tonight, and next year, is God will help you to see what matters, and to be grateful for Him and for those He has given you.

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5 Comments on “Have yourself a retching little Christmas

  1. I was sick on Christmas as well, however not with the flu or any physical illness for that matter. I was home sick. My wife and I have been married for almost 24 years (the 30th is our anniversary) and our family has not been apart on Christmas for over 22 years (when in was in the US Army). I am in ND working and my family is home in Idaho. However, this isn’t a sob story. I was blessed to have my son Jacob join me for Christmas and it’s an interesting story. We decided to go shopping for Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. After we got off work we went to a local chain market. We arrived at 10 minutes until 8pm where we were told that we could not enter as they were closed. The sign said 8pm, after pleading with the customer service lady (we just wanted to buy food for Christmas dinner) we were still denied access to the store. We returned to our apartment and started looking to see what we had for our Christmas meal (I will spare you the details).
    We both went to work Christmas day (missing the rest of our family wife/mom and 10 other children). As we arrived to the apartment after work we set out to make our meal. When it was all said and done we sat down for our very non-traditional Christmas meal and we thanked our FATHER for our meal and His Son. As we ate we talked about how thankful we both are to have food, jobs, a roof over our head’s and the rest of our family. We too realized a time to spend with God and to be thankful for all of His sacrifice that we may live. This was a Christmas of great value.


  2. Oh my goodness! Sorry that you didn’t feel well on Christmas. In sickness and in health, though…so I’m glad you had Lori there to take care of you. Hope you’re feeling much better!

  3. Perspective is everything to the heart and Every Thing in our heart is perspective. Thank you for an inspiring perspective, Paul. My best to Lori and your son.
    May it be that we all learn to keep this very nebulous but very real thing we call the “Spirit of Christmas” our perspective of choice till it is renewed again next year.
    Joy to the World, the LORD has come, may His light shine on everyone! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

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