Try … until you do.

Do. Or do not. There is no try.” ~ Yoda

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In some ways I like the “there is no try” approach to life, but I also see where it fails to represent reality. There are things where we do or do not do, and try is meaningless. There are other times when we make an honest attempt that may or may not succeed the first time. I do not try to close the door, I close it, or I do not – period. But, what if the door latch is broken? I can try to fix the latch, and if I keep at it I will get it, but it may take some trial and error.

Sometimes trying is a valid thing to do, and sometimes trying is a very brave thing to do. Just trying some things can be far more difficult and costly than actually doing other things. 

Suggesting our only choices are “do” and “do not” is wrong because success requires us to learn and grow. Becoming an awesome husband is this way – we cannot “just do it”, we must work at, grow, improve; we must try, and in the trying we succeed. The only way to fail is not even trying, because in the trying we learn and grow. We find the doing in the trying.

Are you ready to work at becoming an awesome husband in 2013? Are you ready to try, and to fall, and to get back up and try again? Are you ready to keep trying until you do?

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Image Credit © Paul H. Byerly – Image Base © Stuart Miles |

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One Comment on “Try … until you do.

  1. Count me in. I feel a series coming on. It’s like autopilot on a plane or ship. The vehicle starts out on dead on course. With the passing of time and distance, the vehicle begins to veer off-course slightly. It periodically checks its bearings and changes to a more correct course. As the vehicle get closer to its destination and more time and distance passes, it veers off-course less often and to a lesser degree each time.

    This is how our married relationships should work. With increasing maturity, our journey will involve less trial-and-error and greater accuracy in our dead reckoning.

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