Go for Her Neck!

According to William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing (which I have not read), 96% of women say they like being kissed on their neck.

Kissing her neck © Olga Dmitrieva | Dreamstime.com

Ninety-six percent is a very large number – the odds are high your wife would enjoy having you kiss her neck. Cane also points out only 10% of men like to be kissed on the neck, which is no doubt why so few men think to kiss their lady there.

Give it a try. Come up behind her and go straight for the side of her neck. Or, while kissing on the lips, work your way down to the area under her ear. On the firmer parts of the neck, you can also try nibbling – some women find this a huge turn on. During foreplay consider the neck a must visit stop between her lips and her breasts, and see if she warms up more quickly.

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Image Credit: © Olga Dmitrieva | Dreamstime.com

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6 Comments on “Go for Her Neck!

  1. Kissing the neck is a must. I can almost always get a moan from my wife when I come up from behind her and kiss her neck. I especially like to do this when she is typing an email or reading something on the computer as this really distracts her – or so she says :)

  2. As a wife, I am here to say YES!! Kisses on the neck and down the spine or over the shoulders are moan worthy. Remember, men, so much of our bodies are erogenous.

  3. My wife is very firmly in the 4%, something I’m often apologising for forgetting.
    Actually I’m surprised the figure is that high.

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