Are you hangry?

Some friends of mine taught me a new word – hangry. This word, a combination of hungry and angry, describes anger or other negative emotions which are primarily or entirely due to a lack of food. They have used this for years with each other, after seeing how hunger could result in anger.

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There is some solid science to support this. Low blood sugar starts a cascade of events in our hormones and neurotransmitters, reducing the ability of to process serotonin, a hormone that affects both appetite and mood. How strongly we each feel this depends on a number of things. Those who struggle with anger or moodiness in general will be more prone to being hangry. Likewise, those given to low blood sugar will be more at risk. General self-control will also be a factor. However, regardless of how well or poorly you deal with it, “hanger” is a reality.

Watch yourself and your spouse – is this a hidden cause of some of your marital problems? If so, find ways to avoid low blood sugar, and never argue on an empty stomach!


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6 Comments on “Are you hangry?

  1. How true is this! Hubby has a word for it….gremlin. When I need food, he says good naturedly that it is time to feed the gremlin. He says that because he can literally watch me fall into a quiet moodiness if things are still, or panicked frustration if things are busy. We used to travel a lot and he always knew when he needed to pull over to get me some lunch because he said I would stop talking, stop humming to the radio, stop looking around at the scenery and I would get still, dark, quiet and just stare in a broody manner. Even if I still spoke kindly, he could tell.

    I am borderline hypoglycemic.

  2. So true!!! When my husband and I started dating, we realized very early on two very important things: He doesn’t like to be hungry and I don’t like to be cold.

    In all seriousness, we have to keep these things in check or the tension in our house goes up.

    I’ve learned that if I really want my husband’s ear, I am wise to not start a conversation within a half hour of meal time. He’s just too hungry to concentrate, which is understandable!

    Thanks paul for the post!!

  3. This is a great post. What about other types of hunger? For example, there are those of us who hunger for physical intimacy with our spouse. When unfulfilled, that, too, can make us grumpy. It can make it difficult for us to hear what our spouses say, or to interpret it outside of our hunger…

    I know… It is not all about sex. But sometimes it is.

  4. what language would you guys use if you want to present this to your wife if she is denial reg hungry and angry the same time?

  5. This is so me. If I get too hungry, I start biting off heads. I have to seriously watch myself! And I sometimes tell my husband: “You need to feed me…now.”

    Thanks for giving me a word for it.

  6. Ha ha…so true! For us it’s hungry and sleepy! He can’t stay hungry for long and I can’t do anything constructive if I’m sleepy! It was tricky in the beginnings! I was forever irritated with him because I felt he cared more about food than me!! It’s funny now that I look back! :) Anyways, he thought all I did was sleep! When he came home late from work I couldn’t keep awake. Well, I’ve had to make some adjustments in life (I take a nap in the afternoon) and I realized that it was not that he wanted food, it’s just he needed it at the right times. Once he was fed, he was back to normal…I could get him to do anything! Since we’ve figured out how each of us works, things have been awesome!! :)

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