2012 Blog Awards

Due to travel this weekend, I am not going to be able to do my usual blog links. Instead, here are my Third Annual Hot Marriage Blog Awards (you can also check 2010 and 2011).

2012 Hot Marriage Blog Award © Liufu Yu | Dreamstime.com

These awards are given to blogs that are pushing back fear, confusion, and ignorance in the areas of marriage and sex. The awards are my subjective choices – it’s what I like pure and simple.

My self-imposed guidelines:

  • Only one repeat from last year (which eliminates a lot of great blogs)
  • Only blogs consistent with a biblical world-view.
  • Randomly listed, they are all great!

Intimacy in Marriage

Julie is a normal, healthy Christian woman who has been doing a great job for several years (she won this award in 2010). Julie focuses primarily on sexuality, and she is a very needed voice.

Journey to Surrender

Scott has increased both the frequency and quality of his content over the last year, and has done some outstanding series. Scott’s content is aimed at both men and women.

Pearl’s OysterBed

Pearl takes on libido issues, and does so very well. Her science is solid, and her faith clearly evident. She is anonymous, but very transparent.

Redeeming Marriages with Jack and Janet

Jack and Janet started with a bang and have just gotten better. In addition to the blog, they are active on both twitter and facebook, and they do quality content all around.

Hot, Holy & Humorous

This is my one repeat from last year. J got off to a great start, and has followed up with more of the same. Her humour makes her fun to read, and her willingness to discuss difficult subjects makes her worth reading. J also focuses on the sexual aspects of marriage, but not exclusively.


Gerad is all about taking on the tough stuff, and he does it well. The biggest problem with this blog is that the author has too much on his plate and is unable post as often as I would like! I pray Gerad finds more time this year.

Refine Us

Justin and Trisha provide regular, quality content. They have just moved to full-time with Refine Us, so we can expect even more. They have also just released a book (that I just started).

► Special mention: The Generous Wife

Yes, my bride. She has been called the “Godmother of marriage blogging”, which is a very fitting title (and she likes it better than pioneer!) I’m doing THG because she had the idea to do TGW more than a decade ago. She has been all about giving it away and promoting others, and I am deeply proud of what she has done and all the folks she has helped over the years.

Great tweet of the week:

@LoriGreiner: “You can never make the same mistake twice, because the 2nd time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.”

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4 Comments on “2012 Blog Awards

  1. Thank you so much, Paul. Humbled, honored and absolutely thrilled to even be mentioned in the company of superb blogs you listed.

  2. Thank you Paul we are very honored. We are learning so much from you, Lori, and the rest of CMBA. We hope to continue to be worthy of this honor.

  3. I get it, after reading the Bible quotes you have mentioned. Rules, in and of themselves, just point out what men do, and therefore, since we sin and will continue to do so, rules, just to try and follow them, are pointless. Pointing out sin doesn’t keep us from doing it. In the Ragamuffin Gospel, the author points out growing up Catholic, and the difference between venial and mortal sin. In reference to the “law”, the scenario described is in whether to eat a hot dog at a Friday night football game. By the time the scenario is over, the penitent has already completed three venial sins, and contemplated a mortal one, knowingly biting into the purchased hot dog. I hope people believe that Jesus hung on the cross so that we could be with God some day in heaven, not because we deserve it, but because through God’s grace, Christ died because we will NEVER deserve it. That’s what the Cross if for.

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