The time and room your marriage needs

This is a follow up on yesterday’s Does your life have room for more sex?, but the issue goes well beyond sex; far too many couples don’t have enough free time and energy to have a good marriage, sexually or otherwise.

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From what I’ve read, this is more or less true in most developed nations. I think parts of Europe are much better than the USofA, and it varies from place to place within a country, but it’s a common issue of our day and age.

Relationships take time – but not just time, they take relaxed time. You can’t set aside an hour a day to “have your relationship” and just stop everything and set it aside when the hour rolls around. You can’t cram your life so full a five-minute delay ruins the rest of your day and expect to have the emotional rest necessary for a good marriage.

You can’t have a good marriage without what author Richard Swenson calls Margin. If your life is full, you will miss out on things. A good life, a life that allows us to connect and love requires us to have empty space, like the margins on a page. Apparently, the idea of margin is nothing new to God. The Jews were C O M M A N D E D to rest one day each week. What’s more, this day of rest was not just about doing less; it was designed to give people time for God and for their family. Marriages benefited greatly from the Sabbath, and our deciding we don’t need such a thing costs us a great deal.

If you think you can have a good marriage without margin, you’ve bought a lie. If you think you can have a good sex life without margin, you’ve bought a massive lie! I wrote a bit more about this last year in a five part series starting here. If you want to have a good marriage and sex life you’ll have to give up some things, and/or cut back on other things. If you’re busy, if your life lacks margin, then I know your marriage is not what it should be and is in danger of getting worse. Lacking margin is a major reason your marriage and sex life are hurting, and nothing else you fix, change, or agree to do is going to take the place of making margin in your life.

Bottom Line: Margin is not optional for a healthy person, a healthy marriage, or a healthy sex life. Some people function better, and longer, without margin that others do, but ultimately a lack of margin is a destroyer. If you accept that truth there’s a lot of hope for a better future. If you don’t accept it…

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2 Comments on “The time and room your marriage needs

  1. I would argue that Christians are commanded to observe Sabbath as well. That commandment predates the Jewish people, and nowhere in the NT is it abolished (only held up as a continuance). There’s a long bloody history of the church attempting to stamp out Sabbath observance, and sadly, it has nearly worked, to our detriment.

    So yes, I agree, it is good to take the 7th day as a rest, spend time with your family, your spouse and with God.

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