Your Love, on Paper

I’ve often suggested you write your wife the occasional love letter. Today, I’m going to do so again.

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There’s something special and powerful about putting your love on paper. It shows you care enough to take the time to do it. It let’s you express your love better than most can put into spoken words, and it lets your wife read it over and over. It can be a reminder of the truth when things are difficult, or when the two of you are apart. It is about as close as you can come to bottled emotions.

Yes, some women are more into this than others, but I can’t imagine a woman who wouldn’t be blessed by a well done letter from her husband expressing his love for her.

If you have no idea how to write a love letter, check out How to Write a Love Letter by J of Hot, Holy and Humorous.

If you want to make it really fancy, several of you have great things to say about Timeless Message. Personally I’d go to a craft store or something and buy what I need, but not everyone’s into that. Presentation alone won’t make it great, but it can make a good love letter even better.

Bonus: I wanted to point to a free resource Scott from Journey to Surrender is offering. The download has some outstanding questions to help you and your spouse have some intimate conversations.

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