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Are you guilty of reacting negatively to everything presented to you? Not negative as in putting it down, but resisting it or giving a hundred and one reasons why it can’t be done.

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In my day job, I am known as the guy who tells you why it won’t work. I’m one of a couple folks who bring realism to a group generally lacking realism. In my job always challenging can be a good thing – if I don’t overdo it. In a marriage, however, it is much easier for “negative” to become over powering. I’m not saying don’t be realistic, but don’t beat her to death with all the ways it could go wrong.

Another face of this is the person who dislikes any change, even good change. Try not to resist change just because it’s change. I’m all for asking why we should change, what benefit there is to the change, and if the benefit is worth the effort, but be reasonable.

I think we have a natural tenancy to try to balance things, so if someone seems “too excited” it’s tempting to find ways to dampen their enthusiasm. If you often find yourself doing the dampening, give it some prayerful thought; maybe you need to alter your approach, or the intensity of your approach. If you often find yourself on the receiving end of push back, examine how you present things; maybe you can approach your wife in a way that won’t make her feel she has to back you down just to stay sane.

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