Neither might nor numbers make right

No Compromise - Keith Green © Sparrow

The world says…

  • …marriage is a dying institution.
  • …porn is harmless.
  • …premarital virginity is pointless.
  • …sacrificing for your wife makes you a wimp.
  • …most men are over sexed.
  • …women are stupid, or users, or impossible to understand.
  • …everyone lies to their spouse and keeps things from their spouse.

If we put those things to a popular vote, most of them would “win” by a landslide. Fortunately, things are not true simply because many believe them. Neither are things true because the media aggressively promotes them. However, doing the opposite of these things makes us counter-culture, which can be uncomfortable. Actually standing up and saying those statements are wrong can make you a target. Be aware of the pressure, and be proudly counter-cultural by openly loving your wife with all your might!

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Image Credit: © Sparrow

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