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Last week we had lunch with friends, and the other fellow and I swapped stories about our hard working fathers who looked forward to retirement but died well before they got there. Both put a good deal of time and money into the retirement homes they never used for more than a long weekend stolen away from a job they didn’t really like.

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I’m all for hard work and for planning ahead. I’m all for goals and dreams and I know both can bring us good things even if we never reach the goal or live the dream. However, I would’ve liked to have had my dad a few more years, or had more of him when he was here. My friend said the same of his father.

As with so many things I discuss on this blog, balance is the key. If we live only for today we will find ourselves broke and unprepared in the future; if we live only for the future we’ll be no fun to be with today, and we may end up alone or unhappily married in the future. This is especially true if your wife has a vastly different take on the balance between now and later.

Why not think about, pray about, and discuss this issue with your bride? Do you need to adjust the balance?

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Image Credit: ©photostock |

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