Be Kind and Encouraging

Are you one more upset, bossy, demanding, discouraging voice in your wife’s life?

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Many folks out there are good at putting her down. Some of it is blatant, some is subtle; some is intentional, some unintentional. All of it hurts. Because you mean so much to her, when you do these things they hurt her even more deeply than when others do them. On the other hand, your kindness and encouragement also mean more than that of others, and you can wipe out a great deal of negative junk from others by consistently building her up with your words and actions.

Tell her how wonderful she is, and point out specific examples. Build her up when she feels down. Give her no strings attached hugs. (Hat tip to my bride for this idea)

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  1. i lovvvvvvvvvedddd this post Paul, thanks :)) will make sure someone reads it, so timely ;)

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