Being Who God Made Her to Be – Are You Helping or Hindering?

God created us all to be unique people. That doesn’t just mean we’re all different, it means we’re each called to live a unique life. If your life looks just like the life of someone else, at least one of you is not living the life God intended.

What about your dear wife? Is she living the life God created her to live? Is she doing the things He intended her to do? Is she meeting, helping, empowering, and blessing the people God wants her to touch?

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The short answer is no, as none of us has it just right. The longer answer might be she is close to what He intended, or perhaps she’s not even close enough to see what He has for her.

My question to you is what are you doing to help her be who God intended, and do what God called her to do? On the other side, are you in any way hindering her from following God’s plan for her life? As her husband you have great power to help or hinder. You also have a special responsibility; being her head means God expects you to help her find His path, and motivate her to follow it.

Women seem especially prone to the idea they are worthless people with no special calling from God. There are plenty of voices out there telling women that, and not nearly enough calling it a lie. Especially during the baby and toddler raising years, it’s difficult for women to see beyond the vital but not so earth shattering tasks of caring for kids. All too often, a woman doesn’t even think about her calling beyond being a mother until she’s much older. Then she has to play catch up, or she decides she missed it and doesn’t even try.

Regardless of where your bride is in life, know God has more for her. It’s your responsibility before God to help her not only know that, but also find His path for her life. Encourage her in every way possible. Be ready to sacrifice to help her do what she’s called to do. Please be very sure you’re not guilty of standing in her way. I suspect God will have judge many men for being an obstacle to what He called their wives to do and be.

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