Dream Together, and Live Dreams Together

Dream a lot of crazy dreams together, and live a few of them together.” ~ Me, on Twitter

Couple daydreaming © Tyler Olson | Dreamstime.com

Dreams for the future are an important thing. Some would argue such dreams are vital for good mental health, and I would agree. It’s good and right to dream, and it’s more than acceptable with God for you to have some pretty crazy dreams. It’s okay to modify dreams, let some go, and pick up new dreams. It’s also important to live at least some of the dreams, including some of the crazier ones.

Just as dreams are healthy for individuals, shared dreams are healthy married couples. When things are tough, day dreaming together can make you both feel better and make you feel closer. Your craziest shared dreams are like a special secret held by just the two of you, and that’s a powerful thing.

My bride and I have shared many dreams, including plenty that will never come true. Years ago, we talked about walking across the USofA. That dream was replaced by the idea of doing something similar by bike. The thought of doing it by motor home is still out there as a possibility. Other dreams have come true, such as living in the Northwest, owning our own business, and doing on-line marriage ministry. We also have plenty of dreams we are not sharing – including some that are pretty out there! Our shared dreams have given us a lot of great conversation, have helped us through some tough times, and have resulted in some great things in our lives.

What about you and your wife, do you have dreams together? Do you have some crazy dreams? Will you actually do some of those things?

Further readingA Passionate Voice Within, a blog post from Ransomed Heart Ministries, is a good call to live larger. (The post is material taken from The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge)

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2 Comments on “Dream Together, and Live Dreams Together

  1. Right now my wife and I dream of owning a yacht and traveling Europe together. You’re right, it gives us lots to talk about and brings us together as we work side-by-side toward our goals. It’s also fun to look back and see what our dreams used to be and wonder what they will be in the future.

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