A choice

So I had one of those days… for several days in a row. It’s been a lot of things, including a battle with web bots making one of our sites almost unusable. I honestly have not felt so beat up in a long time.

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It happens, it’s life, nothing I can do to prevent it. What I can do something about is how I act to my bride in the midst of it. This is especially important – and difficult – when “the office” is across the hall from the bedroom! 

I can choose not to make her pay for my frustrations. I can choose to be with her when I am with her, instead of my mind being deep in code. I can choose to be loving, giving, and kind, regardless of what’s happening in other parts of my life. I’m happy to report I’m doing much better this time than in the past when I’ve gotten hit like this. I certainly have room for further improvement, but I’m getting a lot better (I’m still working on the outbursts of “Are you kidding me!?!”)

We always have a choice about how we treat people.

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Image Credit: © Marciomauro | Dreamstime.com

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One Comment on “A choice

  1. I completely connect. There are days that are trying, there are situations with church members that I cannot share with her from time to time, and I have to be careful not to let her, or our daughter get the worst of me. Very challenging to do!

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