Recently we got a donation for $3.33 USD – along with a note saying “I wish I could give more … currently unemployed… “. A few years ago we received a donation for two dollars and change – from a country where the median daily income is less than $1 USD.

Money in jar © Michael Elliott | freedigitalphotos.net

These donations move me far more than the larger donations we receive. When people give out of their lack, it says they have really been impacted by what we do.

Years ago while Lori and I were doing a conference for the day job, a woman recognised her as “The Generous Wife“. Later she came up to my wife and put a baby in her arms. She then explained the baby would not exist were it not for what Lori did on TGW. The couple had experienced a miscarriage a few years earlier, and it tore their marriage apart. Then the woman found TGW and started to change how she treated her husband. He reacted in kind, and they slowly went from the brink of divorce to madly in love. They stayed together, got pregnant, and the baby made it. (And yes, it’s hard to run a conference book-store when you are crying tears of joy.)

Such stories make it easier for me to ask you to support what we do. What we do here and on The Marriage Bed matters because God uses it to heal and grow marriages. I’m not just asking you to help me pay my bills; I am asking you to help us make a difference in many, many marriages – and maybe even make a few babies.

You can do a one-off donation, or set up a recurring donation here. Unless you are a die-hard PayPal user, the Razoo system (green box) is easier to use. You will also find information for sending donations by mail or Bill Pay.

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Image Credit: © Michael Elliott | freedigitalphotos.net

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