A Very Nice Virtuous Cycle

The last few months Lori and I have been riding a very nice virtuous cycle – a cycle of building love.

2013 Awesome Husband Project © Paul H. Byerly

We discussed it a few days ago, and we’re both aware of it. It’s hard to pinpoint when it started;  I suspect it was a gradual thing that kept building until we became aware of it.

I find myself feeling deeply grateful for my bride – even more so than usual. I want very much for her to be happy, to feel safe, and to be content. I find myself looking for ways to show my love, and for trying to think of things I can do for her. She is experiencing much the same.

I wish I could give you a sure fire way to move into what we’re experiencing, but I can’t. I do however have some idea what some of the parts look like, and I’ll try to explain those the next few days.

As a starting place, a virtuous cycle can begin with either of you. So, you can work to start it, or you can wait for her to start it. Do which ever you think is most likely to succeed.  :mrgreen:

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