Be the Bringer of Peace

Back to the Sermon on the Mount, and how I think we can/should apply it to our marriages.

Verse 5 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. [Mt 5:9 ESV]

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The Greek word translated as “peacemaker” is found only once in the Bible. Literally, it means “a founder or promoter of peace”. This is not just liking or wanting peace, it’s taking peace into places where it does not exist. The peacemaker is one who founds and promotes peace. This is not an arbitrator or referee who tries to settle disagreements; this is a man who so walks in the peace only Jesus can bring to a situation.

Imagine being such a man in your marriage! Imagine being able to bring peace to your home, to your wife, to your children. Doing this requires you walk in His peace. If you lose your temper, you don’t have peace. If you get upset when things go wrong, you don’t have peace. If you want to be a bringer of peace, you must walk in peace. This means giving up your “right” to get frustrated and upset.

I’ll have to get back to y’all on how to do that, as I’m still working on it. Still, based on what Jesus said I’m convinced it’s possible. I want to be a man of peace everywhere I go, and most especially in my marriage.

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Great tweet of the week:

A good marriage is like synchronized swimming: It looks easy, but you don’t see all the work going on below the surface.@sheilagregoire

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