Relax – Your Penis is Just Fine

Have you seen all the articles telling you, “Science proves it: Penis size matters to women” and “Women Prefer Bigger Penises, May Have Shaped Evolution”?

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Granted I monitor this kind of thing, but even so, seeing dozens of these articles in a few days was just too much for me. Part of the problem is media folk; they know putting the word penis in a headline attracts readers, but most have no idea how to report on science – or how to determine if something is good science. Then there are the problems with the research:

  • The data came from just 105 women, all Australian. Can anyone say cultural bias?
  • The women looked at computer-generated images of silver/grey men with no hair and limited features. (See them here, not really graphic)
  • The penises were not erect. It is well known flaccid and erect sizes do not correlate.
  • Porn has taught women the average penis is much larger than the real average, and this could have skewed the results a great deal.
  • Body shape accounted for 80% of perceived attractiveness, while penis size only accounted for 5%. With all the other problems, it is easy to think that small 5% may be bogus.

The study claims: “Our results support the hypothesis that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans. More broadly, our results show that precopulatory sexual selection can play a role in the evolution of genital traits.

This assumes women have usually been able to see the penis of every possible partner, and that women had a big say in who they had sex with. Neither of these is true for recorded history in most of the world. It also assumes women would care enough about penis size to choose it over things such as ability to protect, provide, and nurture.

Why is there a concerted effort to make men think their penis is lacking? I understand why those who sell fake penis enlargement snake oil want everyone to think six inches is small, but why are so many others playing into this? The best studies put average length at 5.1 to 5.3 inches (13 to 13.5 cm).

What’s more, real women, especially real women who are not having sex with many men a year, find penis size has an insignificant effect on the quality of sex. I’ve talked to several men who have a “micro-penis” – less than 3 inches (7.5 cm) and they are all very able to give their wife pleasure. I have also talked to men who are very large, and Lori has talked to women married to such men, and these couples have far more difficulties than couples where the man is small.

Bottom line: Ignore the “women want a man with a big penis” hype. Science has NOT proven this and the reality is pleasuring a woman sexually does not take a big penis. Relax, you’re fine.

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5 Comments on “Relax – Your Penis is Just Fine

  1. This study was strange!  for one, the smaller ones look like young boys, which is just CREEPY!   They are all hairless, which is creepier yet.  Weird all around.

  2. This study was strange!  for one, the smaller ones look like young boys, which is just CREEPY!   They are all hairless, which is creepier yet.  Weird all around.

  3. “Neither of these is true for recorded history” – evolution happens over millions of years, not the period of “recorded history.” I agree with your other statements though!

  4. ShellySteisWood Prior to recorded history we have nothing but wild speculation. Still, I find it unlikely women have ever had the ability to pick and choose who they had sex with prior to modern times.

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