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Let me be upfront here: I think health care is a marriage issue, and a serious responsibility for any husband however, this is a commercial. If you have a way of paying for health care that you’re happy with, or if you are not a resident of the USofA, skip this and join me tomorrow for your regularly scheduled marriage post (Sex in Health and Sickness). If you do not have health insurance, pay too much for health insurance, feel you do not get enough from your insurance, or just want a better way, stick with me.


Regardless of what you think of the Affordable Health Care Act, it is going to change things. Many voices are questioning how affordable it is, and there are rumours and reports of cost increase, benefit cuts, and other problems. Most of us are rethinking how we pay for health care, and many are not happy with the options.

There has to be a better way – and there is! A year ago, I mentioned the start of what is now The Health Co-Op as a Christian alternative to health insurance. I have been a member for eleven months, and I am pleased with the system. Knowing I will only pay $300 for a major medical cost is certainly a great feeling. Paying less than $400 a month to be a part of the Co-op is also a good feeling, and sending most of that money to help others cover their medical bills is a great feeling!

The core of The Health Co-Op is health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries. Samaritan has been facilitating this kind of sharing since 1994. Due to laws covering medical cost sharing groups, Samaritan has a limited scope and limited help for members. The Health Co-Op adds a great deal to the package, making it a much better alternative. The folks at the Co-Op work for its members, not a company trying to save money. A registered nurse can provide cost, quality, and availability information for any procedure you need, and you can also get help setting up appointments. The 24/7/365 “Consult A Doctor” system gives you access to a board certified and state licensed physician by phone or email any time of the day or night. These doctors are able to evaluate your situation and, when appropriate prescribe medications. You also gain access to a variety of discount programs for pharmacies, dental and vision care, chiropractic care, imaging services, and more.

One great thing about The Health Co-Op is you are in charge. You choose who you see – if you like your current doctor, you can stay with them. If you are not happy with the doctor your old plan sent you to, the Co-Op can help you search for a physician who fits your needs. Either way you and your doctor decide what you need in the way of care; no one is going to tell you a needed procedure is not covered.

I know this is a completely new way to think about health care costs, and a few paragraphs cannot give you all the details. I will add bits of information to the bottom of posts about once a week, so you can get a feel for the program. I am also happy to talk with you via email or phone if you want more information (I’m getting a finder’s fee for anyone who signs up, so I can “afford” to make time for this. Use this contact form to connect with me.) You can also check out the The Health Co-Op website for more information.

What about cost you ask? You can save a great deal!
Single $205 a month
Couple $364 a month
Single parent family $279 a month (for any number of children)
Couple with children $428 a month (for any number of children)

The catch: You figure there has to be a catch, right? There is, sort of. This program is only for professing Christians. However, that “catch” is why this approach to health care costs is so inexpensive compared to other plans. Because of their lifestyle choices, Christians as a group have lower health care costs than the public as a whole. Being part of that pool saves you money!

The other “catch” is that you pay your own smaller medical bills – anything less than $300. Unless you go to the doctor often, what you save with this plan should be more than enough to take care of regular check-ups and minor incidents.

You have until the end of the year to get health care coverage that satisfies the Affordable Health Care Act (which this does), but why not start saving now? I would also suggest you would be wise to take action on whatever you are going to do before October, as there will probably be a mad rush then.

BTW, if you call or chat with the good folks at The Health Co-Op, please mention my strategic referral number: SP-2PB.

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  1. How do you feel about the health care co-op now? Are you still in it? Still happy with it? We might need to look into other health insurance options soon…

    • @alchemist – I’m still a fan. We are with a different cost sharing group now due to cost, but I hope to move back. What we have is fine, but not as good IMHO.

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