Four Months Down, Eight to go

Today marks the end of the fourth month of 2013. Why not take a moment to review and plan for the rest of the year?

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In particular, how has your marriage been so far this year? Where has it grown, and where has it suffered? Where have you improved, where have you slacked off? What about your wife, where has she done better, and where has she done worse?

Start by congratulating yourself and your wife for any improvement, even if it is small. There’s great power in acknowledging growth and betterment. If your wife has done something particularly noteworthy, find a way to brag on her in front of others.

Once you’ve dealt with the good, work on the could be better stuff. Set goals for yourself, making sure those goal are reasonable and measurable. Ask your wife what she would like to see you do or change the next few months. Be sure to pray about her requests and do not promise beyond what you’re likely to do.

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One Comment on “Four Months Down, Eight to go

  1. Great suggestions, and good thought-provoking questions. I’ll definitely use these ideas in our marriage. Thanks for sharing!

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