Is Your Life the Right Answers?

Life is a question, and your choices are your answer.” ~ Gary Keller

The ONE Thing @ Bard Press

Today I ran across this brilliant quote from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller (the Keller part of Keller Williams Reality).

Applying this to marriage, your choices each day are your answers to your wife. Your choices tell her how you feel about her, how important she is to you, and how far you’re willing to go for her. Does that scare you a bit? It scares me! Forget what I think or say, my choices are what she really hears.

As to the idea behind the title of the book, what ONE thing would make the biggest positive difference in your marriage? Find that and do it, instead of working at a dozen things that add up to less. Do the same with you kids, your job, and your walk with the Lord.

I’ve not read the book yet (it is on my wish list) but based on reviews like this one, I think it would be a good read. If you have read it, post your thoughts in the comments.

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Image Credit: The ONE Thing @ Bard Press

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