Questions Help You Build a Great Marriage

The better you and your wife know each other, the better your marriage will be. That means asking and answering questions is important. 

year of questions © Lori Byerly

My bride, who would be known as The Question Queen if she were not the Generous Wife, has a free tool to help you with this – A Year of Questions for You and Your Spouse. The PDF has 366 questions. Right click and save as, then print, cut, fold, and away you go. You can fancy it up like the picture if you want.

The questions are very good (yeah, I’m, biased, but I’ve seen a lot of lame questions, and this is not that). There are even some questions about sex! It will take you just a couple of minutes a day to do this with your wife, and it will bless her and your marriage.

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Image Credit: © Lori Byerly

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3 Comments on “Questions Help You Build a Great Marriage

  1. I read via rss feed on my phone with the Google reader app. Not sure if that applies but I would sorely miss your posts if I were not able to get them on my phone.

  2. Use Google Reader to sync my RSS between work computer, home computer, phone and ipad. (sadly google reader is going away, so I’ll likely be switching to Feedly or Pulse). I would definitely miss mobile access. I’m glad to chip in a little bit to help with the cost.

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