Balance, always seeking balance.

Yesterday in Are You Excelling at the Cost of Your Marriage? I talked about the responsibly we have to our wife and children, and suggested meeting that responsibly means we will never be “all we can be” in other areas of life. So, am I suggesting you should seek to be all you can be in your marriage? Actually, no.

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Yes, I think marriage is very important, and I think most folks today don’t take it seriously enough. I think the world as a whole would be much better off if couples put more time and effort into their marriages. However, being all you can be in marriage comes at the price of limiting how well you do in other areas of your life. Being a good hard worker is biblical. Helping the poor and the orphans is commanded. Growing closer to the Lord is not just a suggestion. Witnessing and discipling are not (according to the Bible) something we can pay others to do for us. Keeping your house and yard looking decent are part of being a good neighbour.

Ironically, some of these things actually play into being a great husband. If you are such a poor employee you can’t hold a job, your wife isn’t likely to see you as a great husband. If your house and yard look horrible, she probably won’t feel you care about her needs. A good life, not to mention a godly life, requires balance. Put too much time, money energy into anything, and other things suffer.

Being an awesome husband requires a good deal of time and energy, but not so much you’re doomed to be a useless employee, bad neighbour, poor friend, or spiritual failure. Find the balance, and keep tweaking it as needed.


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